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ff_tutorials was started in March 2006 by evitaporter

Her graphics journal: evita_icons

Co-mod: 3bird

Her icon journal: evansblue

*This is not an icon posting community. You may post: tutorials, requests, resources, asking for help, helpful tips that you have that are general. They MUST be Firefly related.

*No posting tutorials that were not made by you. Graphics stealers will be burned at the stake and then served with a nice side of baked potatoes and creamed corn.

*Please tag all your entries using:


*Please ask the person making the tut if its ok to use the icon they made if you like it. If the say its ok make sure to credit.

*All tutorials must be under a cut.

     <*lj-cut text="snappy phrase"> blahblahblah <*/lj-cut text="snappy phrase"> (without the *)

*When posting a tutorial make sure to specify what program you are using and what level the tutorial is. Please try to be thorough as possible, include pictures at various points of the tutorial.

*If you fake cut into another jounal make sure that it is open to everyone and not on friends lock. I will delete posts where I find that.

*Pimpage is allowed but make sure it's not excessive.

*There will be a 2 strike rule. If I catch you breaking any of these rules you will recieve one warning. Break it again and I shall ban you from the community forever.

*I and any other mod reserve the right to change,edit, delete any of these rules at anytime.

*Keep comments nice. If you have a tip or a suggestion for someone make sure it's respectful.


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